Trying to Land a Job? Poor Credit Scores May Hurt Your Chances

Many employers are now looking at an applicant's credit report for hiring purposes. During an interview process a potential employer may request your written consent to access your credit report. A credit report is essentially your credit history created by CRAs (also known as credit bureaus). Debtors that grant (or deny) you credit make regular reports about your account status to CRAs. This information is then aggregated on a credit report and calculated into your "credit score".

Besides your credit history a credit report also contains a substantial amount of sensitive personal information. This includes your date of birth, social security number, telephone numbers (including unlisted numbers), current and previous addresses, employment, credit payment status and even legal information. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has made regulations too keep this information private. There are state and federal laws on who can obtain this information and how they can use it. However as mentioned earlier, any potential employer can access this information upon your written consent and take it in account during your hiring process.

What can you do? Depending on where you live you can may be entitled to receive a free copy credit report. Your may also find about who has viewed your credit report and other related information. For information we recommend visiting

In some cases your credit report may contain inaccurate information which can very detrimental to your credit score. In this case it may be a good idea to get some help disputing and repairing a damaged credit report. One reputable company, Onyx Credit Repair has the resources and expertise to assist you in this situation. Visit their website at

It seems that having a strong credit score will continue to become increasingly important in this day and age. It is unfortunate that your credit report can be exploited for hiring and/or marketing purposes. It is legal for credit bureaus to generate selling lists of consumers who are more susceptible "pre-approved" credit card and insurance offers. You can however prevent credit bureaus from taking advantage this information. Visit or contact Onyx Credit Repair ( professionals for more information.

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