Credit Cards - The Top 3 Things You Need To Know

Today there are so many different credit cards available, student prepaid, low interest cards etc. that it has becomes a real hassle to find the right one that will suit your needs.

This is the reason why we at online-creditcheck provide you with necessary information which can help you in choosing the right credit card for you. The good thing about this information is that it is all free of charge.

We have created a list of 10 things you need to have a look at before you decide to apply for that credit card

1) **Annual Percentage Rate - APR**

Many credit card companies give you an intro apr rate that will be lower then your regular apr rate. Keep in mind when this introduction apr rate will expire and use it to your advantage

0% Intro APR Credit Cards, will give you the opportunity to purchase goods/a service without paying any interest on your principal spend. Such cards are usually for people with a good credit history

2) **Credit Card VS Debit Card (prepaid credit card)**

Although a Prepaid Credit Card, has the same look and feel of a regular Credit Card, those two are not the same.

A Prepaid Credit Card, is in fact a Debit Card, and is usually linked to a personal bank account. Other options are that you need to load funds onto your debit card account first. This is the reason why a debit card can only be used for a purchase that your balance can cover.

A prepaid Credit card, are usually for people with a bad credit history or for people who are unemployed.

3) **Credit Card Tips**

- Sign new credit cards as soon as you receive them
- Destroy old cards when they aren't necessary anymore
- Never fax your credit card number
- Be careful when supplying your credit card number by phone
- Pay your credit bills on time to maintain/create good credit
- Pay of your balance as much as possible
- If possible select a credit card with no annual fee
- Review your credit history on a regular basis

Keep the above simple things in mind when selecting a credit card and you will find the right one that will suit your needs.

I would like to thank you for reading this article.


Karin Loftist